Rona Sela òáøéú
 Made Public -Palestinians in Military Archives in Israel (a book in Arabic, published by Madar Center Ramallah, 2018 - an expended and updated version) - لمعاينة الجمهور - حكاية صور فلسطينية "معتقلة" في الأرشيفات العسكرية الإسرائيلية
 Avital Cnaani, After the Wind, Ein Harod Museum of Art, September- December 2016 (curator)
 Raida Adon, Woman Without a Home, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, July 2014 (Curator, catalogue in English, Arabic and Hebrew)
 The Archive - Yaffa Before and after 1948, Jaffa Theatre, 9.6.2012
 Fawaran - Effervescence (Unrest) - Housing, Language, History - A New Generation in Jewish-Arab Cities, Nachum Gutman Museum of Art, 11.4.2013-24.8.2013 (curator, book in Hebrew and Arabic)
 Dina Shenhav, Scenario, Gutman Art Museum, 2011 (curator)
 Chalil Raad (Khalil Ra’d), Photographs 1891-1948, Gutman Art Museum, 2010 (curator, book)
 Anat Saragusti, Photographs from “Ha´olam Hazeh”, 1980-1993, The Gallery of The School of Art, Culture and Society, Sapir College, 2009 (curator, catalogue)
 Orit Ishay, Public Domain, The Heder Gallery, 2009 (curator, catalogue)
 Made Public - Palestinian Photographs in Military Archives in Israel, 2009 (curator, book)
 Crossed Histories - Manar Zuabi, Efrat Natan, Yael Bartana, Imagined Reality, Haifa City Museum, 2007 (curator, catalogue)
 Six Days plus Forty years, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, 2007 (curator, book)
 David Harris-Beginnings, Beit Avi Chai, 2007 (curator)
 Sharon Bareket, Blue and Khaki, Herzliya Museum, 2006 (exhibition text)
 "To Conquer the Mountain, Photographers and the Jewish National Fund (Keren Kayemeth Le Israel)," in: Keren Kayemeth and Photography, Photographs from the Blue Box 1903-2003, Gadi Dagon (ed.), 2003 (text for exhibition catalogue)
 "White Land or after the 'Forbidden Forest,' 1967-2001", in: Ariane Littman, White Land, The Artists House, Jerusalem, 2001 (text for exhibition catalogue)
 Roi Kuper-Citrus, Necropolois, Herzliya Museum, 2001 (curator, book)
 Photography in Palestine in 1930s&1940s, Hakibutz Hameuchad Publishing House and Herzliya Museum, 2000 (curator, book in Hebrew)
 Andres Serrano, The Morgue, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1997 (curator, catalogue)
 Surroundings (Helen Chadwick, Hannah Collins, Willie Doherty, Steven Pippin, Catherine Yass) , Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1997 (curator, catalogue)
 Gilad Ophir, Cyclopean Walls, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1995 (curator, catalogue)
 Robert Mapplethorpe, Retrospective, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1994 (Hebrew catalogue, curator: Germano Celant, Curator in Israel: Rona Sela)
 90-70-90, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1994 (curator, catalogue)
 Cindy Sherman, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1993 (curator, publication)
 The Range of Realism, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1993 (curator, publication)
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