Rona Sela ňářéú
Surroundings (Helen Chadwick, Hannah Collins, Willie Doherty, Steven Pippin, Catherine Yass) , Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 1997 (curator, catalogue)


Linguistic concerns and the relationship between private and collective identities are at the core of Surroundings. The artists chosen for the exhibition – Helen Chadwick, Hannah Collins, Willie Doherty, Steven Pippin and Catherine Yass – are all British artists who react to the public-political-social sphere and to their living and working conditions. All of them construct, each in his or her own way, working surroundings, “real” or “invented,” based on actual materials or staged situations that enable them to examine critically a given private or public reality and its social and political conventions. Sometimes photography (be it in stills, video, or as part of an installation) is employed as the main tool, and sometimes it belongs to a larger work scheme, but in any case it is always an integral and conscious part of their working strategy. The photographic field – Surroundings, as I shall define it later – allows these artists, working in Britain and elsewhere, to contemplate linguistic questions in relation to the private and the public.

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catherine yass, corridor: jubilee, 1994, transparency, lightbox, courtesy of the artist and alison jacques gallery, london
Catherine Yass, Corridor: Jubilee, 1994, Transparency, lightbox, Courtesy of the artist and Alison Jacques Gallery, London  
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