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Cities in Conflict- A Visual Archive

Cities in Conflict - A Visual Archive is a project-in-process that collects materials related to the visual history of “mixed cities” in Israel. It began with research for the exhibition Haifa 1948. The project seeks to build a visual database that reveals the demographic, geographic, urban, social and other changes that took place in these cities. One example is the large wave of migration of Jews and Arabs from neighboring Arab countries to west Jerusalem, Haifa and Jaffa in the 1920s and 1930s, which modified the fabric of the “mixed cities.” The fundamental change in the cities occurred in the 1948 war, which brought destruction to many Palestinian settlements and extreme demographic change.

The term “ mixed cities” refers to a few archetypal cities that their past and present rooted in the national conflict: Haifa, a “mixed” city with a large Jewish and Palestinian population, which after the 1948 war became a city where Jews were in the majority and Palestinians in the minority; cities that until the late 1920s (Acre) and the middle of the 1930s (Jaffa) were “mixed” and grew to be predominantly Palestinian, and which after the 1948 war became cities with a Jewish majority; cities that until 1948 were “mixed” and in the 1950s and 1960s became Jewish cities (Safed, Tiberius, West Jerusalem); cities that were Palestinian until 1948 and became “mixed” after the war of 1948 (Ramla, Ludd); Palestinian towns that became Jewish after the 1948 war and over the last decades have become “mixed” cities (e.g.Beer Sheva). Primarily the archive collects visual materials that describe this history – photographs, placards and the like as well as other important documents from public bodies, private collectors, families and individuals.

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To the exhibition Fawaran - Effervescence (Unrest) - Housing, Language, History - A New Generation in Jewish-Arab Cities

 Haifa, outside the old city, circa 1900
Haifa, outside the old city, circa 1900 
Haifa, Mount Carmel, 1904 
Haifa, Mount Carmel, circa 1900 
Haifa, The New Port, 1930s 
Haifa, map, 1943 
Haifa Port, Jewish Immigrants, late 1940s 
Haifa Port, Jewish Immigrants, late 1940s 
Palestinians who left the city due to the war of 1948 
Palestinians on their way to the port to leave the city, the war of 1948 
The destruction of the old city in Haifa, 1948 
Haifa, new Jewish neighbourhood, 1950s, postcard 
Jaffa (Yaffa)
Jaffa, the market, 1899 
Jaffa, The city from the sea, circa 1900 
Jaffa, the city from the sea, curca 1900 
On the way to Mecca,stop in Jaffa, 1900 
Rone Sela - Mixed Cities-Visual Archive
Rone Sela - Mixed Cities-Visual Archive
Rone Sela - Mixed Cities-Visual Archive
Rone Sela - Mixed Cities-Visual Archive
Jaffa, Jewish immigrants, 1949 
Rone Sela - Mixed Cities-Visual Archive
 Tiberius, the Kinneret Lake, circa 1900
Acre (Akka)
 Acre, 1900-1920
Acre, 1920-1933 
Ludd (Al-Lyd)
 al-Ludd (today Lod), circa 1900
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