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Made Public -Palestinians in Military Archives in Israel (a book in Arabic, published by Madar Center Ramallah, 2018 - an expended and updated version) - لمعاينة الجمهور - حكاية صور فلسطينية "معتقلة" في الأرشيفات العسكرية الإسرائيلية
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The book deals with tyrannical mechanisms of Israeli colonial power with regards to Palestinian visual archives, history, culture and knowledge. It starts with the way in which information was taken by force from Palestinian army units, organizations or other public and private archives - looting by individuals and seizure by organized military forces; secret and forbidden duplicating from various archives; and Jewish/Israeli intelligence gathering about the Palestinians by various means of power. It continues with the way the Palestinian materials, or materials with Palestinian importance are controlled in repressive manners in Israeli official archives. This includes censorship, restricted viewing and use, biased cataloging and Zionist terminology, signifying Israeli ownership over the, and a strict suppressive system of management and control - laws, rules, norms, methods, and archive procedures such as what is declassified (to whom and to what extent). The book deals with materials collected about the Palestinians or taken in Palestine before, during and after the Nakba (1948) but also outside Palestine after the Nakba (with a focus on the seizure in Beirut in 1982) and are held by Israel. This is an expended and update version of Made Public that was originally published in Hebrew in 2009.

Return of Palestinian Archives, Images and Items to their Original Owners- a paper from April 2018 on Academia


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